Greenhouses - Hybrid
Greenhouses - Hybrid
Greenhouses - Hybrid
Greenhouses - Hybrid

Greenhouses - Hybrid

Durability, safety & Optimal growing conditions.

Hybrid – An ideal merger of a usability with a smart & clean design

• 2 Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate glazing types provide balanced growing
Roof - Twin-wall polycarbonate panels protect from strong sunlight exposure
• Walls - Crystal-clear polycarbonate panels provide over 90% light transmission
• Panels block harmful UV rays and are 100% UV protected; do not discolor,
fracture or shatter
• Sturdy, rust resistant aluminum frame
• Galvanized steel base included - Adds structural stability
• DIY installation - Sliding panels’ assembly system
• Single hinged door can be assembled as either right or left hand door
• Magnetic door catch included to keep the greenhouse open
• Lockable door handle (lock not included)
• Built-in gutter system for effective water drainage & collection


Key advantages:
• Maintenance free design
• Includes vent & gutters
• Friendly magnetic door catch to keep the greenhouse open
• No glass to shatter or break
• Sliding panels’ assembly system
• Uniform profiles for all positions
• Easy to follow step-by-step instructions - 2 person assembly


All greenhouses are top quality and have a 5 year warranty.

WIDTH (cm)
126, 186, 247, 306
antracit grey
STRUCTURE of the sheet
The roof is made of multilayered transparent polycarbonate panel, the wall is made of solid transparent polycarbonate panel.
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