MS VISCOM d.o.o. was developed from the company Trgovina na debelo Matej Skinder s.p. In the beginning, the company dealt with electroinsulation materials. MS VISCOM d.o.o. is also an official representative of the multinational Isovolta Group for the Slovenian market. The Isovolta Group is one of the largest manufacturers of electroinsulation materials in the world.


Later, due to the increase in customer demands, the company increased its range of materials to cover related groups of products.


In the field of technical plastics, MS VISCOM d.o.o. is the official representative of the Roechling Group, which is the biggest manufacturer of technical plastic in the world. The Roechling Group has over 70 manufacturing sites in 20 countries all over the World.


Company is also a distributor for polycarbonate sheets and also fort he products of polycarbonate. For this products MS VISCOM is representative for PALRAM Ltd, multinacional company, which sell their products all over the world.


In the field of composite materials, the company is representative of the SGL Group, which is one of the leading manufacturer of carbon in the world. The SGL group has over 40 manufacturing sites all over the World.


Copmany is distributor for cooling vest and cooling caps for company INUTEQ, which is a leader for cooling vests with special cooling technology. For cooling vest matres for puppies company is representative for company CANI COOL from Switzerland.


Company is also selling polyolefin foils, where is a distributor for Spanish producer Plasticos Retractiles, which is one of the larges producers in Europe.


On the files of HPL sheets, company is a distributor for Lamicolor, who is smaller Italian company, who could offer fast delivery dates and have flexible production.


Today the company deals with 10 groups of related products:

• Polycarbonate sheets

• Products from polycarbonate

• Industrial, technical laminates

• Technical plastic

• Base material for the PCB industry

• Composite material

• Non Ferrous metals, ferro alloys and pig iron

• Polyolefin foils

• HPL sheets

• Cooling systems


The company is now selling its material in more than 17 countries in Europe and also Russia and Tunisia. Because of our high quality products and competitive prices, exports are continuously increasing and today represent more than 50% of all sales.

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