Cooling vest NILAK
Cooling vest NILAK
Cooling vest NILAK
Cooling vest NILAK

Cooling vest NILAK

NILAK cooling vests allow cooling by the evaporation of water in the vest, but the surface of the vest is moist.

NILAK cooling vests are lightweight and easy to re-activate.


The products are designed to be worn in environments with temperatures that are not extreme and are best shown in low to medium humidity. The rate of flow at the body determines the effect and duration of cooling. For use in extreme environments where heat is generated by industrial activities and where the user has to wear safety / air-tight clothing, these products are not suitable as they do not provide adequate protection against heat stress. For such conditions, we recommend our INUTEQ-PAC® refrigeration products.


NILAK vests are an economical solution for body cooling.


Due to their reflective colors, they are used mainly in construction, police, police, warehouses,…

How to activate NILAK cooling vests:

Soak the product in water for 1 to 2 minutes.
Gently squeeze out excess water, but DO NOT squeeze them!
You can wipe a waterproof liner (vest / headgear) with a towel before use.
It is also essential to wear NILAK vests over a T-shirt.
Waistcoats should be tightly gripped around you as this will greatly increase the cooling effect.


During the hot summer days, NILAK vests will keep you cool, just give it a try.

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