Cooling mats for puppies
 Cooling mats for puppies
 Cooling mats for puppies
 Cooling mats for puppies

Cooling mats for puppies

Puppy cooling mats allow long-term cooling with a dry surface.

Puppy cooling mats are made using INUTEQ's innovative Dutch technology - DRY technology and allow long-term dry-surface cooling.


Pour the water into the cooling mat and close it. The water then passes through a special slow-flowing cloth to allow water to slowly evaporate in the cooling mat. When the water evaporates, so does the puppy.



Pour water into the puppy carpets through the opening - a cap that is placed on the carpet to distribute the water nicely. It is very important to gently squeeze the water out so that excess water in the carpet drains out.

CAUTION: Carpets should not be squeezed, just gently squeeze excess water out.


A special foam that only absorbs as much water as it needs in the carpet. It is necessary to squeeze the water out so that the water does not float in the carpet, only that the foam in the carpet is filled with water. If there is too much water in the carpet or the foam in the carpet is not sufficiently filled with water, the cooling effects will be reduced.


During the hot summer days, puppy cooling mats will be the perfect bed for your pets, just give them a try.

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