Our values serve us as compass and the guidelines for our activities:


1. Integrity

We operate openly, honestly, responsibly and with respect. This enhances the long-term relationships both within and outside the company and global relations within and outside Europe.


2. Customer satisfaction

Our future lies in the satisfaction of our customers. We are a proactive and hard-working team, with whom it is easy and pleasant to cooperate. Our dedication, knowledge and skills are united in our products and in our successes. We stand behind our promises, regardless of the challenges.


3. Employees

We encourage a motivated, development-oriented and productive organizational culture, whose main goals are performance, teamwork, loyalty, involvement and growth.


4. Innovation

We believe that there is always potential for development. We encourage development changes and the potential that they bring.


5. Sustainable development

Through our products, services, activities and involvement in the community, we encourage the efficient use of natural resources for the benefit of all people and our planet. The environment, community and sustainability are the key elements of our business proposal.



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