Skylight serias 6
Skylight serias 6
Skylight serias 6
Skylight serias 6

Skylight serias 6

Store your items in a durable and well-designed garden shed.

Heavy duty and ideal for storing lawn tools, sports
equipment, patio furniture and more

• Virtually unbreakable, high impact, 100% UV protected
polycarbonate panels
• Aluminum frame provids an extra sturdy structure
Unique skylight roof - transmits soft natural sunlight yet maintains
opaque external visibility
• Simple and easy set-up with Slide and Lock paneling system
Anti slip floor with anchoring option included
• Low-threshold and wide double door for easy access
• Maintenance free - washable, no rust, rot or peel
• Lockable door latches for extra privacy and safety (lock not included)
Skylight Shelf - shelf mounts on to the aluminum frame, saves floor
space, and allows you to effeciently organize your shed
• Bundle of 3 shelves is available


Skylights serias 6 are good quality and have 10 years warranty.

4x6´ (W: 120,7 cm, L:176,8 cm, H:203,5 cm) // 6x5´(W:185,4 cm, L:151,7 cm, H:217 cm) // 6x8´(W:185,4 cm, L:226,8 cm, H:217 cm) // 6x10´(W: 185,4 cm, L:301,7 cm, H:217 cm) // 6x12´(W: 185,4 cm, L:151,7 cm, H:217 cm)
dark grey
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